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The Use of Drones

Drones have become increasingly useful for a wide range of applications in photographic & videoegraphy services, with uses ranging from Real Estate, documentary and film making, insurance claims, maintenance inspections of hard to access areas, tourism brochures and videos, business promotion, farming and a host of others that can only be accessed with small, mobile, high definition cameras. Photo Drones can provide your business with any of the above services Contact us today for a free quote.

CASA Information

Our UAV Pilots are fully licensed with CASA and our company has a registered Operators Certificate to allow commercial operations with our drones. We are also fully insured with QBE Insurance.

Some of our work may require applying for permission to work in areas deemed Controlled Air Space, so additional time may be needed for applications to be processed and approved by CASA/Air Services Australia before work can commence. This will be discussed with you during our quotation process

Privacy & Safety

Photo Drones endeavours to ensure that the privacy of it’s customers and the public are respected, whether during flight operations or collection/storage of data.

Safety at Photo Drones is paramount. From our adherence to CASA's strict operational guidelines, to our extensive use of checklists, risk assessments, logbook information recording and aircraft maintenance, our procedures ensure the customers and members of the public are not exposed to any unnecessary risk.

We aim to ensure that the use of drones for aerial photography and video production is a safe, exciting and publicly-accepted growth industry for many years to come

Photo Drones Pty Ltd

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Melbourne Office
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CASA Reg. No.

  • CASA.ReOC.0453
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