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Drone Photo and Video Specialists

Photo Drones Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned company specializing in aerial photography and videos.We hold an operators certificate with CASA and are fully insured. We have offices in Sydney and Melbourne but also service all states by arrangement.

Drone Photography

We are photographers with decades of experience. The use of drones is exciting and the images are both impressive and unique. We believe using drones give us the opportunity to obtain quality images and video content of real estate, both metropolitan and rural, insurance claims, weather and storm damage. We can also provide regular asset inspections or data gathering for analysis.

The creative uses for drones are only limited by your imagination. We are here to deliver those images.

Drone Photos For Real Estate

Drones are ideal for real estate sales, rentals and surveys. Building and property inspection are a speciality and we pride ourselves on our friendly service and fast turnaround times.

Aerial Photography

We can also provide aerial photography from aircraft or helicopter if you require photos from greater heights than are permissable by drones.

Photo Drones Pty Ltd

Sydney Office
Tel 02 9018 9399

Melbourne Office
Tel 03 8393 0666 


CASA Reg. No.

  • CASA.ReOC.0453
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